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Before becoming a follower of Christ at the age of 17, David Coate was obsessed with music. From a young age he was singing and playing guitar in various garage bands, idolizing the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Black Sabbath. “As a young teen I experimented with about everything you would not want your kid to be involved with,” says David. “However, over time I became impressed with the Christian guys and girls in my high school and between that and being completely sick of my lifestyle, I turned my life over to the Lord.”

This marked a huge transition in David’s life. At the time, a popular teaching was that “all rock music is of the devil.” Obediently, David gave away his record collection and locked away his newly purchased white Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. During this time period of abstaining from music, David was growing in his faith and became very involved at church and in bible studies. “In retrospect, even though that particular teaching was flawed, that time was powerful because I was no longer obsessed with music, and it came under the Lordship of Christ in my life,” David recalls.

It wasn’t until a year later that David realized he could use his musical abilities for God. At the invitation of a friend, David attended a free Phil Keaggy concert at a local school. When Phil began to perform, David was amazed to see that he played guitar significantly better than any of his previous secular rock heroes. Moreover, he noted his attitude of humility. “I was so moved that night that I asked God if I could use my musical gifts for Him,” David says, “or even a roadie for such an incredible band!”

That night, David went home and pulled out the Strat for the first time in a year, and has been performing Christian music ever since. Since that time, he has toured nationwide with David Coate Group (DCG), playing everywhere from prisons to Times Square in New York City.

“Music is still a huge part of my life,” says David. “The difference now is that I do it for Christ.”

David Coate is a contemporary Christian music singer/songwriter, worship leader, and producer. He has recorded nine of his own CD’s to date, in the rock/pop genre, the most recent being “This is Love.” David has toured nationwide with David Coate Group (DCG), and has performed at major festivals including Creation and Soul Festival. He has also performed with Christian artists such as Michael W. Smith, Phil Keaggy, Brian Duncan, and many others. His music has received national radio exposure with several songs reaching prominent positions in radio airplay. David is proficient on acoustic, electric, and nylon string guitar, keyboard, and bass.


David owns and operates a commercial recording studio (Turning Point) and has produced/arranged many CDs and music for other artists such as Gina Praino, Michael Sweet (Stryper/Boston), Johanna Mackin, Plano East, Jim Libby, and the Bullock Brothers. Turning Point has worked with major labels such as Warner Bros, EMI, BMG Entertainment, and Polygram records. Discovery Channel recorded Andy Samberg’s (Saturday Night Live) voiceover for “Shark Week” at Turning Point. 

David has performed in a wide variety of settings from large festival settings to small venues. The Lamb’s Club in NYC sponsored a notable evangelistic event, where DCG performed for thousands of people in the heart of Times Square, New York.  He has also ministered in many prisons throughout the U.S.  The following is a partial listing of where David has performed:                                     

  • Congress ’06 Hynes Auditorium (Boston, MA)
  • CREATION Festival
  • SON Festival (SC)
  • Jesus Challenge (PA)
  • New England For Jesus (MA)
  • Crossroads Festival (PA)
  • Come Alive Metro Concerts (NJ, NY, PA)
  • Soul Festival (NH)
  • Good News Concerts (SC)
  • Harvard University
  • MIT
  • Boston College
  • Middlebury College (VT)
  • North Colorado University (CO)
  • William Woods College (MO)
  • DePauw University (IN)
  • Boston University (MA)
  • Westminster College (MO)
  • Gordon College (MA)
  • Wesley College (DE)
  • Eastern Nazarene College (MA)
  • Davis-Elkins College (WV)
  • WOW 2005 (MA)
  • Lowell University (MA)
  • Southern Massachusetts University (MA)
  • Steamboat Springs (CO)
  • Fountain Square Benefit Concert (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Pleasant Valley Presbyterian (Effort, PA)
  • Times Square (NY,NY)
  • Calvary Baptist (NY)
  • Wellesley Park AOG (MA)
  • Bethany Tabernacle (PA)
  • Bethel Alliance (CT)
  • Toms River Presbyterian (NJ)
  • The Company Theater Gospel Celebration (Norwell,   MA)
  • 1st United Methodist (Raleigh, NC)
  • The Master’s School (W. Simsbury, CT)
  • Bethany Congregational (NH)
  • 1st Presbyterian Church (MA)
  • First AOG (NC)
  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship (MA)
  • Faith Oasis Christian Center (PA)
  • Youth For Christ (VT, NY)
  • Ticonderoga (NY)
  • Manchester (NH)
  • Alton Bay Christian Conference Center (NH
  • Schenectady (NY)
  • Archbishop Williams High School (MA)
  • Saturday Night Light (NY)
  • New England Keswick (MA)
  • 1st Presbyterian (Glenn Ellen, IL)
  • Market Street Baptist (MA)
  • Whitinsville Christian School (MA)
  • Haverhill Advent Christian (MA)
  • Advent Christian General Conference (ME)
  • Crossroads (MA)
  • Virginia Baptist General Board (VA)
  • Young Calvanist National Convention (RI)
  • Grace Chapel (MA)
  • Park Street Church (MA)

Education: Classical Guitar-- Kansas City Conservatory of music, Keyboard/piano-- Berklee College staff-trained